Lander CAIRN – Rechargeable Lantern + PowerBank [Black/Bronze]


Keep the adventure going with the Cairn rechargeable lantern. Cairn features an ultra-bright 300 lumen LED light, plus the capacity to keep your devices charged up with a built-in 3300 mAh battery.


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300 LUMENS – The LED lantern in the Cairn provides warm, ample light to a large area.
FAST MOBILE CHARGING –  The Cairn is equipped with a 2.1 amp USB charging port to power devices quickly.
ANCHOR SYSTEM –  The anchor system is a multi-axis, reflective nylon cord that allows you to hang the light where you need it.
VARIABLE DIMMING –  Light dimming and strobe mode can be easily activated using the Cairn’s power button.
WATERPROOF –  The Cairn is IP65 rated for water and dust resistance, protecting it from splashes and downpours.
Also available in Green/Yellow design.